QUESTAR SOUTHERN TRAILS PIPELINE COMPANY:    Discounted Interruptible Rates Offered

Rec LocRec Loc PropRoc Loc NameDel LocDel Loc PropDel Loc NamePosted Rate*
--All Receipt Locations--All Delivery Locations0.00000
1 - 1

* Does not include ACA or Fuel Reimbursement, if applicable, which are as follows:

ACA:000000 / Dth
Fuel Reimbursement:0% of Volumes Shipped

NOTE:   QUESTAR SOUTHERN TRAILS PIPELINE COMPANY may agree, through acceptance in its contracting system, to allow a variety of discounts between its maximum and minimum rates under any rate schedule in its tariff without undue discrimination. Such discounts may be in addition to a base discount and will not be considered a material deviation from QUESTAR SOUTHERN TRAILS PIPELINE COMPANY's forms of service agreements when QUESTAR SOUTHERN TRAILS PIPELINE COMPANY and Shipper agree that a discount applies.